Yesterday and today I've been snowed in. We have 8 inches of snow on our driveway plus the snowplow hasn't plowed our street. We live one mile up from the main highway on top of the mountain. I have no idea how we're going to get the driveway plowed. Hopefully we'll hear of someone who has a plow that we can pay. This is the biggest snow we've had since moving up from Florida in 2000. It is beautiful.

I am so glad I work at home and don't have to try to drive to work. I know people that have had to go to work in this and last night interstate 26 was clogged with cars unable to move. A family was stuck in their car with little children for 8 hours. We've also been very lucky not to have lost any power. I've been blessed with heat, food, hot water, tv and internet service.

We try to see life as an adventure and this is certainly one of them. The forecast is saying more of the same on Christmas Eve and ice on Christmas day. I'm supposed to be hosting Christmas dinner. I wonder who would brave the roads to come. But like I said, life is an adventure if we can see it that way.

We live in NC and I know other places are getting hit much harder by the snow.

Sorry I haven't posted on here for quite awhile. I've been so busy over at Soul Garden where I have my own show called the Love Shack on Soul Nirvana. I'm on show number 5 now and it's been fun. Plus I'm the Taurus director there and am very busy. You can join is and read my blogs there. Here is the link:

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday.

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MO Min Pin Rescue said...

Yuck on the snow. LOL :) But it's kind of an adventure if you don't have to be out in it. You're right though - you are lucky to have kept the internet and electricity, for sure. :)HOHOHO