New Computer - software, where's the software?

I got a new computer this week. My other one was 5 1/2 years old and it was acting like it was 95. It sputtered, locked up and I had to reboot at least every three hours, especially when I was farming. Farming? Yeah I have a farm on facebook. Why? Good question, but its fun as long as I don't have to harvest every day. Pumpkins take 4 days and then I have 4 days to harvest them.

I was able to buy a new DELL computer with windows xp professional. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd had to deal with Vista. I've heard so many bad things about that Operating system.

I got my computer backed up by my computer guru "my brother" and he upgraded some programs for me, so I am on a learning curve right now, trying to figure out why a newer version of a program won't work the same as the older version - like saving pictures in email. It works completely different but at least I have more color choices for my fonts.

I have to install my astrology program and the love and destiny card software and paint shop. I dreaded all of this but it will be worth it in the end.

OH yes our Flat screen TV died that we bought ourselves for Christmas. It was an Insignia, Best Buy's brand. It took them 9 days to get to us to check it out. Finally on Friday someone came and said it was the power supply and told us to go to the store and get it replaced. So we upgraded and bought an LG. It is nice and has a good rating in Consumers.

So this has been an electronic week for us. Tiring, exciting, frustrating but fun.

Happy Father's day to all the father's out there.


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

Grats on the new stuff!!! I just want my bigger monitor back and I'll be happy. LOL!

Jean Maurie said...

Thanks, hope you get your new monitor. This new outlook program is awesome and so are the other ones. I'm having to learn some new things and that is good for the brain. I still have to load some programs but we've been running errands and stuff. Hopefully tomorrow I can do that.