What a difference a day makes

I don't understand why some days I can wake up with waves of anxiety coursing through me and other days it's not there. Yesterday wasn't any different than any other day. By that I mean I didn't have a pending doctor's appointment, I didn't hurt anyplace, I had money to pay bills and everything seemed like a normal Saturday. I got up despite the anxiety and turned on the computer. Everything was ok there, thank goodness because I definitely need a new screamingly fast computer. But the planet Mercury was sitting stationary in my sun sign of Taurus. It started turning direct today but yesterday I felt like shit. Pardon my expression. I had no energy, I felt like there was no reason to get up, sit here, be nice or anything. I'm sure we all feel this way at times.

I decided to pull up my astrology chart and see what was going on. The planet Mercury was opposite my natal moon and doing something nasty to my natal Mars. Right now I forget what it was but I looked it up and it said something about getting into arguments with people. I knew there was no point to that, so I kind of just stayed to myself and tried not to sulk. I gave thanks for stuff and played some games on pogo.com.

We'd planned on going downtown to the bikers for autism and hear our favorite one man band, Tom Brown. I almost didn't want to go but the voices in my head said, "go you'll feel better." So we did. The voices in my head were right, I did feel better. We just love listening to Tom Brown. I wish he'd get a profile on facebook or get someone to film him and put him on You Tube. You think of a one man band as a clown like person with clickers in their hand and a whistle that they blow. But Tom isn't like that. He's recorded background music on his computers and he sings and plays the guitar with the background music. He plays a lot of oldie goldies from the 50s and 60s. Next week he'll be at the curb market and I'm looking forward to that.

Anyhow, main street was filled with bikers of all sorts. I don't know the different names of motorcycles though. I wish I'd taken some pictures. I took a pic with my blackberry and sent it to my friend Lori (hey baby what's your card) but it wasn't clear enough to put on here. Oh yes Bernie took a video but it isn't ready to put up here. Maybe later I'll get some pics. It was a nice evening and I got my ice cream fix and some honey/garlic chicken. Yum.

So today I get up, feel fine and we go out to the Golden Corral for breakfast. I love their egg pies, creamed chipped beef and glazed donuts. (I only eat one). Then an ex neighbor comes over and stands there talking about her ailments and her husband's doctor's appointments and I proceed to get a stomach ache. I don't like listening to this crap. Sorry. I've had enough experience with doctor's and surgery to last me the rest of my life.

We went grocery shopping, came home and I've been sitting here working on my soul garden Taurus page of love. If you want to get your daily love fix come join me @

It's a neat place and you'll enjoy the music, pictures, blogs and comments.

I guess what this whole thing is about is why is one day so totally different from the next? Not that I want every day to be the same. I'm talking more about moods than anything else. I'm glad Mercury is direct now. Do you have days like I had yesterday and don't know why?

^i^ angel hugs, Jean


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

Yes I have had many days like that! Hell I've woke up pissed off at the world from a dream for gosh sakes! Great post, Jean!

Jean Maurie said...

I wish others would tell about their days too. That is why I like ending a blog with a question. Thanks for the comment.