Happy Lightening bug watching

Hey y'all do you like the fire flies as much as I do? I remember as a kid chasing them around the yard. This was in New Jersey. When we moved to Florida in 1953 we still had fireflies. I don't know when we realized they weren't around anymore. I think it is when they cut down the trees for the condos and paved everywhere. I really missed those little buggers. Maybe we'd see one in a real dark place but they were few and far between.

Now that we live in the mountains of western North Carolina I can enjoy the lightening bugs again. They should be coming out about now.

Anyhow, enjoy the music, take your shoes off and watch the relaxing video.

^i^ angel Hugs,


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

Thank you for sharing! What a neat video! We used to catch them in jars when I was a little girl. :)

Jean Maurie said...

I can't wait for the fire flies to come out but I have to. Do you have them there? I hear they are getting scarcer and scarcer.