Free Wednesday Tarot Class - Strength Card

Hi and welcome to the Wednesday tarot lesson. This week we are going to meet Strength! It is number 8 and if you look at the Rider-Waite deck you will see a beautiful woman with the number 8 floating over her head turned sideways. – The same as the Magician had over his head. Women can be magicians too! This sign is the symbol of infinity, or forever ness. It also represents the state of balance and how she is focused on right thinking, which leads to right action. After all, she is petting a Lion! She has moved beyond needing a wand because her power is in her hands. Using her spiritual courage, Ms Strength has learned how to control her passions, which the Lion represents. The Lion also represents our lower selves, the animal within us.

If you remember the Charioteer from last week, he was testing out his tools and skills by traveling, using his mind. He was outside of his protective city, venturing down the highway of life. Was he scared? I’m sure inside he was. Wouldn’t you be? Aren’t we all? Testing out our tools and spiritual knowledge is like taming the wild beast of fear which we all experience. That is where Strength comes in. We were all born with strength, even if we feel shaky and nervous. Remember the Wizard of Oz, and the cowardly Lion going to the Wizard to get strength? What did he learn? That he had it all along, just like you and I do. Think of your life and how you have or have not used your strength. Did someone give it to you, or maybe teach you where to find it? Some people live in fear, which sometimes develop into phobias. They are told to “act as if “they were brave, pretending until they actually felt their courage. This takes much practice.

The Lion is colored red which depicts passion. What are your passions? Are you afraid of them? Do you take the safe road instead of being daring like the fool? Leo is represented by the Sun and it rules the 5th house of our astrology charts. One of the meanings of the 5th house is creativity and play. Are you so stressed, overworked and fearful that you don’t play anymore? “I don’t have time to play,” I hear many say. That is an example of being unbalanced. Like the ruling planet, the Sun, Leo strength represents coming out, breaking through. What kind of breakthroughs do you want in your life? Become strong like the Sun and shine through your problems, which are like strong, dense energy forces. Give yourself new life, new ways to solve your problems, so you, too, can feel more creative and alive.

Leo also represents ruler ship. Who rules you or who do you rule? Strong, balanced people don’t need to rule anyone, nor do they allow themselves to be ruled. Strength comes from within and is based on knowing ourselves, believing in ourselves and being able to balance our lives between work, play, creativity and our inner spirituality. If we learn to be creative problem solvers, life would run smoother and we’d have more time for fun. So instead of fighting our beast within, we can begin learning to tame it inside ourselves. How do we do that?

We begin to realize that despite stress, family problems, illness, lack of any kind that with our Angel’s and Guide’s help we find the courage to keep going. Instead of fighting change, try to see life as an adventure and play with new ideas. Welcome new opportunities and see everything as a chance to grow and learn. Balance is dancing with the harmony of life, balancing our inner and outer selves. No it isn’t always easy, and I’m not implying that it is. But with patience, gradually beginning to change the way we view life, and practice – lots of practice, we can transform our lives so we are happier, more creative, attract love, peace and abundance to us. Can you imagine your life being that happy? You have the fortitude, inner strength, courage, passion, wisdom, endurance and patience within IF you want to tap into these God-given gifts.

Strength’s Advice:

Become more courageous
Be creative, state your ideas
Establish your territory, your boundaries, and act magically
Be yourself, its time to break through and create
Find your place of strength and create your power spot
Be the artist of your own life, so use your imagination and be creative.

Are you excited yet by your possibilities? Next week we will make friends with the Hermit. He has an interesting story to tell.

^i^ Angel Hugs,

Jean Maurie

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