How much $$ did we pay in 1965

As I was going through my journals I found some spreadsheets I kept in 1965 of our expenses. We had a 2 bedroom house and were paying $55.20 a month! By 1967 the mortgage payment "soared" to $59.45 and I worried how we were going to be able to afford it. This was just at the time I was learning about the laws of prosperity using the book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. At that time I didn't even have the money to buy the book so my aunt sent me a birthday check and that was how I got it.

Here are some of the prices we paid for our monthly expenses back then. I hope you all will enjoy this and be amazed.

Phone: $6.35 in 1966 it jumped to $12.00.
Electric: $7.95
Food: $65.00 give or take a few dollars - monthly.
Car insurance for the whole year was $146.00
Sears account: $8
Trash pickup: $5.25
Dental to have teeth cleaned: $5
Doctor visit: $5.00
Glasses frames: $12.00
Income tax $14.07
School supplies: $25.00
Readers Digest subscription: $2.99
McCalls subscription: $1.98

Our total expenses for 1965 was $2,314.86

I found this from

Cost of Living 1965
How Much things cost in 1965
Yearly Inflation Rate USA 1.59%
Yearly Inflation Rate UK 5.0%
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 969
Average Cost of new house $13,600.00
Average Income per year $6,450.00
Gas per Gallon 31 cents
Average Cost of a new car $2,650.00
Loaf of bread 21 cents
Average Rent per month $118,00

Here is a little slide show about what was popular in 1965.

Hope you all enjoy the trip back on memory lane. Some of you may not even have been born then.


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

Oh what a neat idea! I love it! I was born... but I was only 4 years old and not too worried about the cost of living. :) Thanks for sharing, Jean!

Jean Maurie said...

Glad you like this Lorielle, I hope to do more like this in the future, gosh I could even do a blog about my bowling scores in 1959. ROF