Wednesday Tarot class # 3

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we are introduced to a new friend, the Priestess. She is number 2, which represents balance. The beautiful Priestess sits on her throne at the doorway of an ancient Temple. In some decks she is known as the High Priestess and she is the guardian of the great library of all knowledge. She sits between two pillars – a white one bearing the Hebrew letter Yod meaning yes or positive energy and a black one with the Hebrew letter Beth, meaning no and negative energy. The Priestess does not judge. She holds a Torah scroll in her hand, a scroll also known as the Akashic records – all knowledge. The Priestess is related to the moon (intuition) and subconscious mind. Her ruling sign is Cancer – water and if you look at the High Priestess card you can see water flowing behind her and on the bottom of her robes.

When you get this card it is telling us to go within. Don’t act right away; get quiet and mediate until the true answers are revealed.

How does she represent us? She is that part within us who knows the Truth. She doesn’t take any actions, instead she sits patiently, waiting for and seeking guidance. She isn’t impulsive.

Do we act on impulse because it was the way we were taught or programmed? Have we been told if we aren’t always working, or always on the go that we are lazy, non productive? Do you stay late at work because your boss puts too much work on you and you’ve been taught to be good and not stand up for yourself? Many women learned this lesson well, that it is their job to take care of their husband’s, always be driving their children to some lesson or class, and working outside the home. When do we rest? Are we always running around to get ahead, because we need approval, or maybe from fear of listening to our inner selves? Do you celebrate holidays the way you are expected to, or do you create your own ritual that is not so frenetic? The Priestess in you knows. She invites you to stop running around making everyone else happy, wearing yourself to a frazzle and take time for yourself.

Are you feeling like there is no time left in the day for you and do you fall into bed exhausted only to begin the whole tiring routine again the next day? Is the life you envisioned for yourself? Does it excite you? Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to your day or do you silently think, “Ugh, another day, I can’t wait until the weekend.” TGIF is a common phrase. Thank God It’s Friday! What about Monday through Thursday? If this is your thinking, your life, you may want to stop and become reflective like your Priestess. She has words of wisdom for you. She can give you ideas how to change your life so that you enjoy it more and are more productive in less time. You can ask her “What can I do to make my life more fulfilling? What can I do to wake up excited to face my day?”

Remember I suggested that you get a pack of Tarot cards and shuffle them, asking your Angels “what is my message for today?” If you haven’t done this, reflecting on your Priestess might encourage you to begin this exercise. Or you could get a notebook or one of those fancy journals they sell in the stores now and begin writing about your feelings. Self-examination can be rewarding.
When things go awry in your life, instead of blowing up and stressing, try acting as if you are the Priestess Instead of over reacting, take some deep breaths and practice staying calm. Ask yourself what she would do. This kind of new behavior takes practice but you can learn to have less stress in your life, to be calmer and to think more clearly. We can always turn to our Priestess for answers about our relationships. Are you being treated with love and respect, or is he/she disappointing you at every turn? Is he calling when he said he would or does she keep you guessing? Are your relationships hurting you, one after another? How can you change this pattern? Probe your childhood memories and see how your parents treated each other. Who taught you not to be respected and loved? Sometimes a past life regression can be healing too. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down.

The Priestess’s advice:

*Reflect; be aware
*Know yourself; examine your life plan
* Dissolve negativity and find new answers to your problems
*Get in touch with your innermost feelings
*Go on a mini retreat; seek your place of calm and serenity
*Listen to your inner self; become more intuitive
*Know your truth

Next week we will meet our Empress, the beautiful fertile lady filled with love and creativity.

Let’s talk about these cards, feel free to write and let’s get a discussion going! It will be fun and we’ll learn a lot. Pull a card this week and see what comes up for you.

^I^ Angel Hugs to all of you !

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Esther Gombor said...

What an enlighting article! Thank you JM! I will be following your tarot lessons. I think it is a great idea. Your posts are wonderful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy a wonderful spring!