Free Wednesday Tarot Class #4

Hi welcome to our Wednesday weekly Tarot class. This week we will meet the Empress. She is a beautiful, young woman sitting in a garden surrounded by blooming flowers. She is fertile and in some of the decks she looks pregnant. I use the Rider-Waite deck to describe the illustrations in these articles. If you look at this card, there is a heart shaped shield next to her with the symbol of Venus on it, which is the Goddess of Love. She is impregnated with the seeds of love that we all need to begin feeling for our families, ourselves our world, now that we are in the Age of Aquarius. The Empress is the protector, the Earth Mother, the creator and nurturer. She loves the Earth and she wants us all to protect it. The Empress gives birth to new ideas. She takes good care of her babies (ideas) and protects them. She is the number III card, which comes from 2+2 = 3, the birth of two opposites (male and female) When this card comes up in a reading it can mean someone is pregnant with a baby or is going to give birth to some creative new ideas. It can also mean prosperity in your life coming from new ideas, or that you love nature and need to spend more time outdoors. You could also be working with children or animals. You have to listen to your inner self to discern what this card means when you are reading for others.

You are the Empress in your life, whether you are male or female. You were born with the seeds of greatness within you, planted there by your creator. How are you using your greatness? What is your life all about? Is it filled with creative, new ideas, or are you still believing what you were told as children, that you can’t do this, and you have no talent for that, and why didn’t you get all A’s on your report card? One of the fallacies I have uncovered is how children were put down for talking about their “imaginary” playmates or saying things that “grownups” don’t understand, like –“I saw Grandpa the other night. He came into my room and talked to me.” The parents holler at them, saying, “Oh that was just your imagination, he’s dead, stop making things up.” And the poor children get scolded. This pushes down and often stifles their creativity. Has this happened to you?

Most of my clients are tickled to hear they always have loving Angels around them. Many had no idea. “Why don’t I hear them?” I am asked, “Were you told to listen to your angels as children?” They answer no. They want to know how to contact their angels and how can they hear them. “Just talk to them in your thoughts, they will hear you,” I say. “But don’t expect to hear a loud booming voice coming from your ceiling, as an answer.” Angels talk to us in dreams, in our imagination, through other people – they communicate with us in many ways. Pay attention to feelings you get, that are different from your every day feelings. Heed those unexpected, ideas that seem to come to you from out of the blue, from your ‘blessed imagination’ that everyone told you was imaginary That is one of the major ways that our angels communicate to us, by putting wonderful, creative ideas into our imagination.

Be the Empress in your life and protect and nurture your creative ideas. Bring them into fruition. We are all Mother-Empress’s in our own lives so don’t try to smother people, or make them change to keep you happy. Nurture the seeds of greatness in others, by acknowledging them with love and kindness. You can help people more by becoming role models than all the talking in the world.
Walk your talk, teach by example and explore this wonderful creative, loving Empress within.

The Empress’s advice:

*Be imaginative; create.
*Be poetic and non judgmental
*Show your feelings and give unconditional love
*Take responsibility; more patient
*Be supportive and nurturing
*Plant mental seeds of joy and creativity
*Listen to beautiful music; be aware of beauty around you

Next week we will meet the male creator, the Emperor

The image is from the Rider Waite deck from


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

My friend calls this the having sex card. :)

Jean Maurie said...

Hey Lori, I can certainly see how that could fit. FIT? LOL