The Brellue - Day 24

 This rainy Saturday afternoon, day 24 of my blogging every day in April. Gosh only six more days to go.  

I like to be silly.  Even goofy too.  I make up lyrics to familiar tunes and don't hesitate to sing them in my house.  When my son was little I read him Dr. Seuss books and cracked myself up laughing so hard that he didn't know what was so funny - except Mama was almost screaming with laughter.  I never could read those books out loud without laughing.

That got me thinking what kind of things would I dream up if I was writing a silly book.   Well here is one silly animal I sketched.

The Brellue is a pretty one.  I hear he is lots of fun.  I wonder if there are some more like him behind the oven door.  You should be glad he doesn't look like you.

There are more - like Little Miss Yink, the Preen, Miss Maruple who always wears purple.  

I'm blogging every day in April with a fabulous group of creative, fun, sensitive, caring people in Effy's blog-a-thon. We are down to six more days and I don't want it to end. I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs and commenting when I can.  

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