Please make it easy - Day 20

 Since getting fully vaccinated and waiting two weeks, we've cautiously ventured out.  Even though it's nice to know that we are more protected now than before, I still want to be careful.  Now we have some catching up to do.  Dentist appointments, Doctor visits, Eye Doctors and more.  I felt a bit overwhelmed and anxious thinking about it all.  Plus I have had agoraphobia and going outside my comfort zone has been problematic at times. 

I am very much into talking with my angels, pulling angel cards, doing angel readings for others. I've taken some really amazing classes with Radleigh Valentine that were so helpful. So I asked my angels and spirit buddies to help make all this easier.  

Sunday night before going to bed I decided to write a list of things I wanted to get done on Monday.

1) Write my blog

2) Pay bills

3) See if I could renew our driver's license online

4) Renew prescriptions

5) Go to Lowe's

6) See what it takes to make some changes with our insurance plan.

I managed to do everything on the list in the morning except Lowes.  But after lunch I got a 2nd surge of energy, so we went to Lowes to see about ordering a new slide in stove top.  I felt a little anxious when we left but kept thinking about my angel crew helping me and doing some mental tapping.   Would you believe they can't even order one until the middle of June? I had to laugh because that was easy.  I mean we didn't have to stand around waiting for paperwork and all that.  We have one burner that will work sometimes.  I also bought a single burner hot plate and may order another. 

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and picked up some fried chicken and a rotisserie chicken. That was a nice treat and will make meals easier. 

I emailed my brother to see if he could come over and help me get my printer working again.  He's my computer guy and if it wasn't for him I'm not at all sure I'd be online. 

This morning he came over and again I asked my Angel group to help make this printer work again and to make it easier.  Archangel Michael is the angel to call to help fix things including electronics. 


Now my printer is working again. 

I have a dental appointment tomorrow afternoon and instead of just calling in one angel I am going to take them all with me and hopefully that will be easy too.

So if you have something that's difficult or makes you anxious just call on your angels for help.  You probably won't hear a voice from the clouds but you could get some new thoughts or see a feather, some coins or you will be nudged to look at your clock or watch and see 3:33, 11:11 or other special numbers.  There are so many ways our angels can help us and again 

I am blogging every day in April with a fantastic, loving, creative group of bloggers.  I hope we continue with this blog-a-thong.



Enchanted Gaia said...

I call on Angels frequently. When trying to explain it to my catholic aunts one time - I was explaining how angels help me to find things that I need to find and have no idea where they are... it always works. I was told "Oh we don't ask Angels for help on that kind of stuff that doesn't matter they are too busy with important things". hmmph

The other day, it felt like I pulled a muscle or at least strained it and it was very uncomfortable (bordering painful) and I quickly prayed to Archangel Raphael to help me heal my body and within a minute I was fine.

Nothing is meaningless and from my understanding they love to help us and await our asking.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of calling on my angels when faced with challenges. The first time venturing out is scary. I've decided that even after this pandemic, I'm going to continue to mask up. Not being sick in over a year has been a nice change.