Camping Out - Day 8

Camping Out
Tiffany and Meemaw Puhlman

Once there were two parents and two kids. They were standing by a fire cooking chicken.  The kids were scared of being in the woods and the parents said there's nothing to be afraid of.


Five Dinosaurs came out of nowhere to play while the parents were sleeping. The kids were smiling but inside they were not happy.  Then two volcanos erupted. It blew one dinosaur sky high.

When the dinosaur blew up she was full of eggs.  Now it is raining eggs. The kids and the other animals had to run for cover so they wouldn't get smashed by the big fat dinosaur eggs.

When the parents awoke they saw eggs EVERYWHERE! They were surprised. They started calling for the kids.  "Where are you? Where did you go? Come back, come back wherever you are."

But the kids were nowhere to be found. The parents were frantic with worry.  Mother said to Father, "Honey I'm getting really really really really worried.  I cannot imagine where the kids have gone.  Do you suppose a dinosaurnapped them?

"Don't be silly, dear, you must be out of your mind."  Father exclaimed.

"Why?" Mother asked almost starting to cry.

"Because a dinosaur cannot nap a person," said Father.

Mother cried, "Stop being silly and let's at least start looking for them."

So hand in hand the parents looked in all the caves, under all the bushes, and around every rock there was.  But they didn't see any kinds, only lots of leaves.

Suddenly the kids climbed down from a tree.
"I love you Mother, I love you Father," they cried.

The End

Camping Out was written by Tiffany Puhlman, my Granddaughter back in the 1980s when she came to spend the night. We would read books and make up stories. 

We wrote about Caroline's strange trip and and another story about Julie Beesaw and her friend Amber Bewilde who jumped out of a plane to fly with the angels.  

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