1958 - 1959 - Day 27

 I've been sitting here perusing a book filled with old Coronet magazines from '58 - '59.  I like seeing old advertisements and articles from back then.  Ebay has a lot of these vintage magazines for sale.

They predicted the amazing phone of the future back in February 1959. That was 61 years ago.

It was predicted that it would end letter writing too and it looks like it basically has.

"In the kitchen, a speaker phone will enable wives to go right on with housework or cooking while they chat from any point in the room.

"And Junior will only need to pick up the telephone to be lulled to sleep by a recorded bedtime story."

" The housewife will be able to forget her chores.  A simple phone call will show her the butcher holding up a leg of lamb for inspection.  Similarly her children could learn their lessons over the TV telephone. "

They wrote about all this being possible because of the missile program.

It took them awhile but here we are.  Gosh I could remember when we picked up our phones and the operator said, "number please" and we had to tell her what number we were calling.

Number please

 How many of us could remember all the numbers we have now? I don't even remember my brother's number but it's programmed into my phone. 

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Amy Sorensen said...

I actually make a point of knowing the (cell)phone numbers of my closest peeps. I'm not really sure why except it makes me feel like I can always get a hold of them, even if I lost my phone!

Donna said...

It's funny isn't it, I used to know numbers, but not any more, I remember my dad's number and rarely call it (story not to be told) I have no clue on my kids numbers and just about remember my hubby's.
Kids did all their home learning on their Google tablet and once claimed "x is on this zoom call in a forest..."
Apparently we can predict the future!😜

Kimi said...

I remember having an old rotary phone, but that's as far back as I go. I love looking at vintage magazines too, and see where we've come from there

Effy said...

I remember party lines in the country where my aunt lived. What a trip!

Nicole Cormier said...

Are party lines still a thing? I remember them. I remember reading predictive articles like this when I was in high school, about the “information superhighway” and now its like an extension of our selves!

Cheryl Turtlemoon said...

Wow, we’ve come such a long way with our technology! I do enjoy a retro phone though and I really miss dialling the numbers! However I’m grateful for the speaker function on my phone :)