Baseball, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Me ...

I just finished reading a book on my kindle titled The Boy Who Knew Too Much: An Astounding Story of a Young Boy's Past-Life Memories.

When Christian Haupt was two years old he said, "Mommy, I used to be a tall baseball player."  She answered, "Yes, you will be a tall baseball player someday."  With a look of exasperation, he stomped his foot and hollered, "No! I was a tall baseball player, tall like Daddy."

This little boy loved anything baseball and as I read the book, it brought back memories of my childhood.  Mother and I used to listen to baseball games on the radio before we had a television.  We had special score keeping books sort of like this:

I pretty much understood the game and enjoyed it.  Later when I was older a friend took me to Shibe Park in Philadelphia to watch the Philadelphia Athletics, known as the "A's" play.  We went to some Philly games too.  Because I had this crazy ambition to live and work in NYC, I became a Yankees fan.  I still might get excited if they were in the world series again.

Back to the book.  Christian saw a picture of Babe Ruth and told his mother that Babe Ruth was mean and he got upset.  His mother was shocked and asked how he knew this.  She was a Christian and felt it was wrong to believe in past lives until she researched and learned that early Christians believed in reincarnation until that belief was removed by a certain counsel back in A.D. 553.  Most other religions do believe in reincarnation.   I'm not here to dispute this nor am I a biblical scholar, but Cathy Byrd explains more in the book. She also contacted different therapists who had researched children's past memories of other lifetimes, plus she had several past life regressions herself because Christian told her she was his mother too when he was Lou Gehrig in his other life.  Christian knew things about Lou Gehrig that others didn't nor was he subjected to anything about Lou Gehrig by others.  Remember, he was only two. 

This is a fascinating book about baseball, the National Hall of Fame and people like Tommy Lasorda who had a special bond with Christian, Orlando Cepeda's baseball camp and many more.  So if you're into baseball this is a good read. It is also fascinating read if you are into reincarnation, past lives and near death experiences.  I know I loved the book for all these reasons and if you decide to read it, I hope you love it too.

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