Falling In Love

I just finished watching one of my favorite movies, Falling In Love.   I've lost count how many times I've seen this movie.  

As I watched, I wondered about fate, chance, destiny and whether some part of our lives have been programmed.  Do we choose our paths or is it destiny? Does the Law of Attraction work in all cases or is there more to life than we can even imagine?

Do we meet by chance?  How many chances do we get to meet with the one love in our life?  How many loves can be the one?  Is there more than one person/soul we are meant to be with?  Can we have successive real loves?

If we are married and meet this special person would it be enough to see them occasionally?  Would it be okay to sleep with them?  Or would it be best to walk away?  Is there one answer?  I don't feel there is one answer.  I don't believe anyone should judge another because who really knows?  There are so many various circumstances, so how could there be one answer, one way for everyone to "behave"?  
What is love? Why do people get married? Goodness there are so many different reasons.   So many different stories. 

What is your story? Is anyone brave enough to share?  

Of course you can always private message me on Facebook and share your story or email me at jeanmaurie@angelsloveyou.com  
Or maybe you just want to keep your story to yourself.  

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