Purse Dump Day 7

I wrote a long blog earlier but decided to save it for another day.  Instead I am going to talk about worry.

I find myself worrying over South Florida and my family and friends who are down there. All these dire pictures and thoughts have been flowing through my mind.  This isn't good for me and it certainly doesn't help them.  Worry is only picturing and thinking the worst. That's bad energy to be sending out.

I worried about a friend so much a few years ago that my back locked up!  I tense up and it all settles either in my back or stomach.  I was sitting here earlier with these awful thoughts and pictures going through my mind and suddenly I got what to me was a message from my angels.  They told me that I wasn't doing my family any good by doing this, I was certainly not doing myself any good.  They asked me how I wanted to feel and I thought I want to be calm.  I want to visualize angels over the area helping. They might not be able to stop the storm but each of us has guardian angels with us, so yes they can help.  

When the storm hits will I watch it unfolding on TV? I hope not.  I am curious but this kind of curiosity could kill my ... calmness?  Peace of mind?  That's hard to have during a time like this but worry doesn't work either.

So that's my dump for today....

I am holding a light and visualizing angels over the storm area.  Maybe a miracle can happen.


Joy said...

I am holding a light, with you.

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Joy for holding the light with me and also for commenting.