Bad Haircut

Usually when I get a haircut my natural waves kick in and my hair looks pretty nice.   But this time, although I thought she was cutting my hair the same way everyone else does and it looked nice as I sat in the chair, it turned out awful.

This is combed.  Where did my waves go?  How can one cut the waves out of a haircut?  Not knowing anything about cutting hair I just don't understand.  It is too short to go back for a re-do and yes it will grow out.  I intend to take this picture with me for my next haircut and ask "how did this happen?"

See the difference?

Oh wait, that's not really me but I like the haircut.

This is really what my hair usually looks like when it is cut right.

Yes I know there are a lot more important things to think about.  And I know my hair will grow out and I can get it cut better next time - hopefully.   Actually I'm a bit amused. I might as well laugh! I try to find the humor in situations when I can and I know I am blessed in many ways.

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