This Time Together by Carol Burnett

I just finished reading a delightful book, THIS TIME TOGETHER, Laughter and Reflection by Carol Burnett.
Carol wrote many short chapters, short stories about the people she met during her wonderful career. Many of these stories were hilarious, like how Tim Conway would play his part the way it was written during the first taping but during the next take, he used his own outrageous skits that had everyone rolling on the floor.

Other stories were touching like the dying girl named Kathy. Somehow Carol knew she had known this girl someplace and they bonded. Carol was with her when she died.

Bob Mackie designed all the costumes including the infamous dress from Gone with the Wind - the drape. Each of these wonderful stories are just several pages which kept the book so interesting and fast reading.

After I finished I wished I could have a chance to sit down and chat with Carol face to face.

I used to be a fan of the soap, All My Children but Carol was addicted. She tells a funny story about when she and her family were in Lake Como, Italy. A telegram came outlining the soap's weekly recap but the person delivering it thought all the bad news was about her family and dreaded showing it to her.

Letters from Joan Crawford was funny and so was the way they met. Carol and Lucille Ball (I love Lucy) felt like they'd always known each other, another wonderful story.

I was surprised to read that Carol married a younger man. Go Carol!

So if you want some fun and light reading I think you'll enjoy This Time Together by Carol Burnett. I did. The book is interspersed with pictures of her and the people she writes about and also, about the amazing signs she got from her daughter Carrie who died right before the play they wrote together was produced.

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