Blogging Day 7 Coming of Age in the 1950's

Here is a blog I wrote three years ago that I thought would be fun to read.

My  husband shared this video on my Facebook page this morning and I sat and listened to the old music, watched the groovy cars and the sweaters and skirts we used to wear back then.  I found myself very nostalgic, not because I wanted to be back in the 50s and 60s but they brought back many memories - good and painful.

If you watch the video you'll see a milk truck with a milkman stepping out with milk bottles ready to deliver to the door.  Well I had a huge crush on our milkman and would try to stay home from school when he was scheduled to deliver to our house.  He let me ride around the corner in his truck.  My mother ended up marrying him.  What an experience that was!


Back then I felt insecure but I knew how to dance so when Bill Haley and the Comets came on with Rock Around the Clock, all I wanted to do was dance. I loved my portable radio that I listened to all this great music in my bedroom or when I was laying on the beach. 

I had a 1949 red and white Mercury car with a stick shift that got hung up in first gear and I had to lift up the hood and wiggle the linkage to get it drivable again.   I remember one Sunday afternoon I got stuck on the Lake Worth Bridge with a lot of traffic behind me. So I got out of the car, opened the hood and wiggled it once again and off I went.  LOL, made me look like I knew more about fixing cars than I did.

Later I got a black '53 Ford convertible that I absolutely loved driving, yes still a stick shift.  We ended up selling it for more than we paid. 

Back then we didn't have cell phones and we sat home glued to the phone waiting for calls.  I am so glad to see that no one has to be stuck at home or in an office anymore.  

I like today better because now I have Social Media, a cell phone, Facebook, the Internet, an electronic reader and more.  Sure I still read regular books, and I can listen to the old music on my computer. 

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. 


Unknown said...

oh those cars are gorgeous! This was very cool, thanks for sharing! xo

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing those memories! Loved the story of the milkman lol.

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I remember hearing stories about the milk man and the seltzer man, then there was the guy who came through the neighborhood every so often to sharpen knives and scissors. I want to say there was even a pie man?

I grew up listening to the music of the 50s and 60s quite a bit because that was my mom's and her sister's era. They don't make music like that anymore!