Too many magazines and books

500 Words a Day Day 24 April 1, 2015 Today I’m attempting to continue sorting out boxes in my office. My office is too small for all that I collect. I have too many books plus I have a guilty secret. I love magazines. Not all of them but Writer’s Magazine, Writer’s Digest, Dell Horoscope, The Mountain Astrologer, and oh yes, cooking magazines! It looks like I’m going to keep too many. How does one get rid of magazines they like? I think I’m going to sort through old Writer’s Magazines and be ruthless, hopefully.

Yes you see an adult coloring book here. I have another to color, they are angel pictures.

I came across a Woman’s Day from June 1958. It has a lot of short stories in it. Why stop publishing fiction? I remember trading these magazines with friends and neighbors. We would each subscribe to one and then when we finished reading them we’d trade with each other. I need to read the stories, look at the ads and articles before I recycle this one.

Back in the 1980’s I wrote stories from the Confession Magazines. They bought quite a few of mine and of course I kept all of them too. When we moved I packed 50 boxes of books and magazines and I don’t want to have to do that again. Maybe I’ll only have 45. Ha ha, I hope less. One of my CB “handles” was the clutter bug. I live up to the name.

Have you ever seen Reminisce magazine? It’s all about the “good old days” with pictures of old ads, memories, recipes and more. I try not to collect these but I found a pile in a box. I’ll try to glean the gems from them and hopefully toss them into the donate to the library box. Yes, our library has a table in the foyer filled with donated magazines. I donate as many as we can carry there but I go through them and take home more.

Another of my guilty secrets is People magazine. I don’t often buy them but I find them at the library or in waiting rooms. I brought a bag of them home last week and they’re still sitting by my chair in the living room. I’m looking forward to reading through them and yes, donating them right back to the library.

Thank goodness for the Zinio app on my Ipad. I can log into the county library and download them to the app and read them for free. The trouble is, the Zinio app is telling me I have used up my space and it’s going to close so I can delete some magazines. I don’t have any magazines downloaded. I need to look into this. I subscribed to the digital version of Dell Horoscope, True Story and True Confessions (yes I want to try selling some more stories there). I have the kindle app on my ipad too and I have so many books there that I’ll never run out of reading material. But I need to keep my hard copies of my astrology books, my Emotional Freedom Technique books, Tarot books and, sigh, too many more.

Back to work!


Simone said...

Books and magazines (yes, that's a guilty pleasure of mine, too) are piling up everywhere around me - but while I also just prepared two bags to give away, I generally don't see them as clutter. I love them! As I did your blog post! A totally enjoyable read! Thanks!


Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Simone. You taught me not to see my favorite books and magazines as clutter but as things I love. I like that viewpoint much better. Everyone else calls stuff like this clutter.

I will say though that I have not bought magazines like I used to and maybe I'm getting over feeling the need to read them. I have so many other things to do and create. I do stand in line in the grocery store and peek though. LOL