Listen to the dead boy's whisper, "Pushing on her"

On October 17, 2013, my co host, Maggie Lukowski and I welcomed on our radio show Personal Empowerment For Your Soul, Jamie Butler and Erick Medhus.  Erick took his own life on October 6, 2009. Since that sad and tragic day, an overwhelming sense of grief and despair propelled Elisa (his mother) into searching for answers. Answers that would provide her and others with comfort and hope. Some of those answers came from the many books she bought, but many came from an unexpected source…Erik, himself. Through dreams, visitations and channeling, he describes what happens during the death process, what the afterlife is like, what he does with his time there, what it feels like to be a free soul, and more .

From Jamie: In the summer of 2010, I had my first scheduled appointment with Elisa Medhus. I sat upstairs in my parents’ home in Florida seeking privacy. The only prior knowledge I had was her name and phone number. After Elisa phoned in, the spirit of a young man came into the room. He looked to be about eighteen years old and was tall and thin. His hair was a little unkempt. When he chose to look my way, his eyes initially gazed right through me, but most of the time, his eyes darted around the room. He was unsettled. He was dressed jeans and a t-shirt and he told me that he was the caller’s son. He started to talk about his passing. He then began to explain that he took his own life. I recall hesitating several times through the story, as it was painful for me, as a mother, to listen and translate. Elisa took in the information her son was sharing in stride and with such love.  Erik continued and, as soon as he became comfortable with me, he began throwing in some “sailor talk.” I stuttered over the coarse words and giggled nervously . Elisa paused and assured me that, if this was her Erik, this was the language she expected. She encouraged me to accept him as well as his choice of language.

We heard about Erik and invited Jamie and Erik on our show.  I was asking him about being able to see him and he answered by saying he was "pushing on me".  I didn't hear it then but Jamie translated.  Later someone on the blog Channeling Erik  heard Erik say he was pushing on me.  It is about 9:10 into the show when you can hear Erik's voice.  You might have to turn up your sound but it's there.

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