WFMAD Day 21 – Welcome to the Write Fifteen Minutes A Day Challenge
Post of origin: Laurie Halse-Anderson

Today’s prompt: Start with this opening line: “I had never jumped out of a window before, but…” Don’t stop writing for fifteen minutes. Don’t think, don’t worry, don’t edit, don’t plot. Just keep the pen moving, or your fingers tapping the keys. Stand back and let it flow.

I never jumped out of a window before but that day I was so hot and I was sitting naked in a cool tub.  Suddenly my son came screaming in the house with yellow jackets following him.  He was covered with them.  I leaped out of the tub bare ass and all, grabbed him, threw him in the tub, turned on the shower.  I was hoping the colorful, mean suckers would drown.  The whole time Rob was screaming as bees crawled in his ears, up his nose and God only knows where else. As I turned the water to hotter, I felt burning sensations on my naked body.  I leaped up and did a stop stinging me dance while trying to kill the bees.  Finally I hopped under the shower too as I was getting stung over and over.  God, what else can we do to stop these bees? I thought as panic was beginning to rise.  Somehow I have to get us out of here.

I jumped out of the shower, slid on the wet floor, banged my head on the side of the toilet and forced myself not to pass out as I kept being stung.  Somehow I managed to pull myself up and throw open the window.   “Follow me Rob,” I screamed as I jumped out of the window and landed on my knees in the grass.  There we were naked on the ground outside our house. I started screaming for help.  The neighbor man next door heard my cries and ran toward me.

“What’s wrong Milly?” He asked.

“Call 911”

Luckily he was carrying his cell phone and so he dialed.  Then I heard him cry “Ouch”.  I saw him start brushing himself off as he hollered again.  “I’m being stung and I’m allergic to bee stings”, he cried in panic.

I felt bad for him but just then I heard the sounds of sirens and knew help was on the way. 

We were all taken to the hospital for numerous bee stings.  Luckily we didn’t suffer any bad after affects.   I called my husband, who called the exterminator and a bee keeper.  I wasn’t about to go back into that house unless I was sure there were no more stinging creatures inside.

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