Feeling Blessed

I have been pulling a Tarot Card for the day for the past week as per an agreement with two other Tarot readers when we were on a blogtalk radio program and on camera last Sunday afternoon on the tarot guild.  The host could not log into his show because of technical difficulties, so the three of us agreed to come up on camera and teach an improptu class.  It was fun and that was when we decided to shuffle the cards, pull a card for the day and blog about it.  Each of us has our own style and it's been fun.  Here is my card and blog for today.

Here it is almost 7am.  I feel so totally blessed this morning!  I could not have pulled  a better card today if I tried.  Why?  Because last night we spent the latter part of our evening in the basement after we were told we were 26 minutes away from having a tornado moving through our area.  We'd been under a watch all evening when they broke into our local TV station telling us that tornado warnings had gone up for Transylvania county, which is the county just south west of us in Western North Carolina (WNC).  They said it would be over Henderson county (us) in 26 minutes.  We hurriedly filled some plastic bags with necessary items like our pills, keys, wallet, cell phone and headed for our basement.  Luckily we are networked and wireless so I could get online with my I-pad and Bernie with his laptop.  We played words with friends and I posted on Facebook. 
We both closed our eyes and surrounded our home and the whole area with a big bubble of protection visualizing angels standing guard.  The weather cell weakened and the all clear was announced.  What an evening! We try to see experiences like this as adventures.
I send love, peace and healing to all those in other states that were damaged.
Thank you Sun for appearing today as my card.  Thank you Universe, God, Source and angels for keeping us safe.

Jean Maurie

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