Being Co Host on the Rowdy Readers radio Show

When I was a child I loved to play radio. I used to pretend I had a microphone and I'd talk into it as if I was talking on the radio. I used to listen to the Arthur Godfrey Show.

Later my cousin Robin and I had a little radio kit we would use to pretend we had our own radio show. I don't remember what it looked like but we plugged something into the wall and talked into microphones. It broadcasted what we said over an FM radio station. His neighbor called and said she could hear us on her radio. We made up commercials and said silly things. It was a lot of fun.

When I was a teenager I hung out with some other kids at a radio station over at the Lake Worth, Florida beach. Sometimes the Disc Jockey would let us dedicate songs to our friends. We stood in front of this big glass window while he talked on his show and we'd make faces and do silly stuff, hoping to make him laugh while on the air.

I used to want to have my own all night Disc Jockey show but for one reason or another that didn't happen.

Now that we have all kinds of internet radio broadcasting choices and we can listen to many different kinds of show, it is easier to host our own shows. I haven't taken that leap yet but I am honored to be co host on the Rowdy Readers Show with Dax Carlisle on The Tarot Guild on Mondays afternoons, 4pm Eastern time on Blogtalk Radio. We have a lot of fun and now we have a link to our own tiny chat room where we are on camera and we can show the tarot or angel cards we pull. Monday is angel message day so I show the angel card and talk about how we can get our own angel messages.

We also give mini readings when you call in. The call in number is at the top of the show page. Come over and get your free mini reading or just enjoy the show and chat with everyone. We have a great time. The Tarot Guild hosts a Rowdy Readers Show on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Friday afternoon with Mary Nale. Wednesday is the Deb and Dax show where they teach you about Social Media.

So I'm still playing radio in my later years and who knows how far I'll go with this. Life is adventurous!!

Jean Maurie

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