Double Rainbow on our way home last night

We had quite a storm yesterday afternoon that cooled the weather considerably. When the rain stopped we met my brother at a restaurant for dinner. As we were saying goodbye on the restaurant porch we saw this bright rainbow and I was wishing that I had my camera with me.

We drive toward home when I remembered I had my flip video in my purse. I whipped it out, turned it on and fortunately we could still see the rainbow. So I took a couple of videos of it and made a snapshot from this video. Can you see the faint outline of the second rainbow to the right? Have you ever heard or seen that the second rainbow's colors are reversed?

I love rainbows as they have the colors of our auras in them and often when I send healing to people I surround them in my mind with a rainbow, knowing they will get the colors they need.

Hope you enjoy the picture. I know the pot of Gold lives within so didn't even hunt for it last night.

Angel Hugs and Happy Sunday to all,

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MO Min Pin Rescue said...

Nice picture. I can't remember the last time I saw a rainbow!