Song for Sunday

This song makes me feel rather sentimental. Do you get sentimental about songs? What songs do you like? I love Michael Buble. I love his song everything. I tried to learn it while taking singing lessons but had a lot of trouble with it because of the range. I might try singing it again.

There is this VCD set of karaoke songs I am thinking of buying. Ten of them for $59. They say it plays pictures on the backgrounds with the words scrolling over the pictures. I wonder how hard it would be to see the words. They offer Think of Laura by Christopher Cross. I can't seem to find it anyplace on karaoke. Sure I could sing with him but wouldn't have the words in front of me. I love that song. When I used to watch General Hospital during the time of the Luke and Laura wedding, Laura disappeared and they would always play Think of Laura and I'd bawl. It still brings tears to my eyes. I love to sing it. I also like singing Arthur's Theme by Christopher Cross. It comes from the movie Arthur with Liza Minnelli and Dudley Moore.

I could go on and on about music and what I like but I'll save some more for another time.


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

I do get sentimental about songs. I think that's how my guides speak to me or get my attention. They plant a song in my head and I have to go listen to it and read the lyrics. Often there are "hidden" messages there.

Jean Maurie said...

Well dawgonne when I found another song on blip fm it erased what I had posted on my other blogs. I don't understand this. So anyone reading this, I had HOME by Michael Buble on the blog, not confederate Gentleman and trashy woman. I'll learn to use this program yet - maybe, so forgive the obvious error here.

Jean Maurie said...

I fixed it so ignore my comment earlier.