Free Wednesday Tarot Class # 5

Hi and welcome our free Wednesday Tarot Class. Today we are talking about the Emperor. When you look at him in the Rider-Waite deck, he is a king seated on his throne, commanding and powerful. He represents Mars, which, in Astrology is our energy and how we use it, how energetic we are plus our drive to succeed. If you look at his throne you will see it is decorated with Ram’s heads. These correspond to Aries, which is ruled by Mars. Aries is a cardinal sign, the self-starter, and one who makes things happen. He is holding the scepter, called an Ankh that indicates he is the male giver of life. He has this wonderful ability to manifest what he wants, to give birth to creative ideas. The Emperor also represents balance. In his left hand (his passive, female side) he holds a globe, which depicts domination. This means having the desire to succeed combined with our female side; Love (Venus) is a powerful formula for success.

Our Emperor is the builder, hence the number 4. Think of four sides of a square, the four elements (Air, Earth, Fire and Water); four seasons of the year, four points to the compass (north, south, east and west). The Emperor is a father figure, whom we can trust.

What kind of empire have you built for yourself? Your world is your empire, your domain. We all have our own Emperor within. Just as we have a female side, our Empress - we have this strong, masculine, builder within that we can work with. Do you have practical and logical plans for your life? Is your life working for you or did you just “settle”, hoping some day things will change?

Are you waiting for that “someday” when you meet Mr. /Miss Soul mate? How about when you get that perfect job, when you get that raise, or when he ‘pops the question’? Perhaps you are waiting for when your kids grow up or and you can retire and then do what you want? Have you put your life on hold until that ‘something or someday’ comes that will make you happy? This is what the Emperor is all about. He is determined, resolute for his life to work. Our Emperor is the doer part of us. He stands for authority. He is the Magician after he unites with the High Priestess. Remember her, she goes within to learn how to use her magic, and what she wants to do then she changes into the Empress who makes the Emperor the Father of her children.

What are your sets of plans for your life? So many times I hear, “I don’t know, I wish someone would tell me.” Is your life made up of shoulds or would’s? Take a minute and ask yourself, am I doing this or that because it is joyful to me or do I say yes because I’d feel guilty if I didn’t? Of course there are times when we want to help another person and we say yes, but do we continually give our lives over to solving other people’s problems? Ask yourself the next time you are tempted to say yes to someone’s request, “is this something I want to do, or am I just trying to make someone like me better, or do I feel sorry for them?” Are you living your life out of fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, or are you feeling joyous about facing the day? Does the thought of getting up in the morning enliven you? Are you excited and looking forward to your day? Are you having fun trying to accomplish your goals? If you are not having fun now, you won’t be enjoying yourself when you “get there”.

Is life supposed to be fun? If you are fulfilling what you came to earth to do, you will have a wonderful satisfied feeling within. The Latin word for Emperor is parere, which means to begat or give birth. When we give birth to who we are meant to be and not shirk from the fires of our desires, passions and ambitions, we will be walking our talk, inspiring others to create and together we can all make the world a better place.

When the Emperor comes up for you try to:

Be a Leader, be a pioneer
Knowing and using your power to create
Be daring, heroic, courageous
Explore, be a pathfinder
Maintain mastery over your mind and emotions
Manifest and nurture your ideas
Be a self-starter, get fired up

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Next time we will meet the Hierophant

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