A Saturday card reading

What a strange day this has been. I think it's because the weather has been gloomy, rainy, cool and foggy now for days. I've been spending a lot of time deleting emails that I allowed to build up. I almost have them down to a manageable level but I wonder how to keep the emails from building up again. I know people who delete every email as soon as they read it. I don't know how to do that. Why? One of the reasons is because I don't deal with the emails when they come in. I get rid of the junk/spam right away, the ones the spam filter doesn't catch. But others I just glance over and tell myself I'll read them later. When is later? I answer the ones that need my immediate attention and read my horoscopes, and take care of the reading orders that come in. I get emails with links to interesting sites that I want to visit but don't have time, so these often pile up. I wonder how other people handle emails.

So today, feeling a bit weary from the gloomy weather, the deleting, and wondering what i was going to write about, I chose three cards from the Voyager tarot page. I like clicking on the card a day which I often do, but today I felt like I needed three cards. Yes I know these cards are small on here but if you click on them they should open up and you can see them larger.

The first card that came up was the child of wands, the seeker. Wands is like the fool child in the major arcana cards. Wands represents spirituality, seeking, looking for my truth. This is interesting because Wednesday I started posting my tarot articles and started with the fool. She is showing up in a different way in my reading today. Also I've been networking all over the place, twitter, blogging, my space, facebook, ning. I am seeking, networking, sharing my spirituality with my blogs.

The next card I pulled was the three of worlds, summer nurturing. Oh boy this is speaking to me big time. Where did Mrs Sunshine go? Yes I know nurturing has other meanings which also apply but I need to see the sun, to get out, to enjoy the flowers, walk downtown, see the buds on the trees turn into the green leaves of summer. It's been a cold winter and I am really looking forward to summer as most of us are. Nurturing refers back to the Empress, who protects her creations and waits patiently for her babies to grow and develop. That is what I am hoping all this networking will do. I had a reading awhile ago about networking, getting myself out there and that is what I've been doing. It has been enjoyable for the most part and I've rediscovered my love for writing which had basically been dormant. With blogging I am nurturing my creativity again which is fun. Another way I am nurturing is when the weather warms up I will take time away from the computer and go out into nature so I can recharge my inner batteries.

My third card is the chariot. This is an interesting card. It is all about motion and goes right along with the rest of the reading. Seeking, childlike, creating, networking, manifesting my plans. I've been setting goals and am committed to manifesting my success. I can help you how to manifest your success too with my readings. In the reading I had about networking and getting myself out there I was told my intuition would grow and I would be seeing more and not using tools in my work. This has been happening too. If you look at the chariot in other decks it is a man on a chariot who is not holding the reins. It is all about moving ahead with the mind. I will talk about this more in the next few weeks of the tarot classes when we get to our chariot card.

Oh yes if you want to pick your daily card go to the voyager tarot page and click on the card a day. Don't forget, we'll have our second tarot class on Wednesday, so join up and let's communicate and discuss the cards.

Hope you have a blessed weekend ^I^ angel Hugs :)

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