How are we feeling this week?

Tonight I asked the cards how we are collectively feeling this week and the six of Crystals, confusion came up.

Then I asked what are we confused about and the child of Crystals came up, the learner.
Actually these are not bad cards, they just show that we are a bit overloaded with wonderful, creative ideas. Crystals are all about the mind and our thoughts. What are we thinking? How can we learn to think more positive? How can we get rid of our negative and fearful thoughts ? So many of us are going through cleansings, feeling out of sorts, feeling like we don't belong anyplace which adds up to confusion.

If any of you are following the energy alerts from Karen Bishop, there was a new one posted today. She talks about how we are feeling and why. I invite you to go here and read this new article so you will understand more of what the energies are:

So to close try to be kind to yourself and take some deep belly breaths, listen to soothing music, take nature walks and try to be in the now. You can even dance with your angels. They'd like that.

^I^ Angel Hugs to you all, Jean Maurie

These tarot cards are from the Voyager deck at voyager tarot

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