Card for the day

Today I pulled a card from the wisdom Quest deck, which is an unpublished deck of cards created by Paula Picard, who was my first Tarot teacher. In fact I got my first Tarot reading from her at a flea market in Stuart, Fla way back when. She created this deck of cards to help access our own internal wisdom. These cards are more for asking questions and taking ownership of our own thoughts and emotions. What came up for me was telephone. This is interesting because I have been wondering if I wanted to sign up on a site that just does phone readings. They were advertised on the WE channel during John Edward's show last night. Then I saw them advertised again in the back of a magazine I was reading. So what do I pick today but telephone.

The phone represents communication, speech, listening, interaction, influence, relationship, advice.

I like to use different decks of cards. The one I ususually work with are the Voyager cards. I picked Time Space in that deck which in traditional decks is called judgment. It has to do with staying in the mind instead of balancing out both sides of ourselves. Self evaluation. Am I working too hard and not getting out into the world? Do I need take time for other things? Then I picked another card from my new Tarot for transformation deck. I don't have these scanned into my computer yet so I can put them on here. I chose 8 Balance, restoring Cosmic Order.. cosmic, time, space, communication. It all fits doesn't it? This is all about cultivating awarness so I can develop the capacity to feel what is right, what choices I am working out. If we are in balance and restoring the cosmic order then we are in our own time and space which can "lead to more peace, more flow, more joy. Things unfold with less effort and more grace. Life goes better." This sounds like the Law of Attraction doesn't it?

So I'll see how all this works out and pull another card tomorrow or the next day to see what they have to teach me.

^I^ hugs to all...

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