Chapter One Sun in Leo raising our vibrations with Skip Jennings

This is such a cool video by Skip Jennings, the Urban Mystic over on Soul Garden dot TV. We really are meditating all the time as we go about our day thinking. What are we thinking? I know I was not in the mood to cook dinner one night and I was feeling really grumpy about it. Then I thought, "wait a minute, I need to be giving thanks for this food, for feeding my body, for feeding my husband. I started appreciating the lettuce I was washing for the salad, admiring the beautiful red color of the tomato and the crispy green lettuce. It wasn't long before I started feeling better and yes the dinner was delicious. Of course there are things we don't like doing but if we can be mindful of our thoughts while we're doing them, we won't get in a bad mood and the work will get finished sooner. Now Skip is telling us to play and dance, laugh - all which raises our vibrations. Isn't that what Abraham is teaching in the Law of Attraction? So listen to this talk and see if it doesn't raise your vibration this week.

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