Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breathe Love

I don't know about you but sometimes I need a video or message that will help me to tune in to the joy and beauty around me. I need reminders. Sometimes I get depressed and can't find my way out of it for a day or two. Then I come across a video like this and it lifts my spirit and helps me know that good IS here and I am divinely protected and loved. I hope this will help you today too. Much Love, Jean Maurie


Lorielle said...

Beautiful! Some times, we need a little push in the right direction!

Jean Maurie (angelsloveyou) said...

A lot of times we need pushes:) I did love that video. I get all teary eyed when I watch it. Wish the angels would talk to me more.

Lorielle said...

Jean! I've awarded you the Honest Scraps award, please stop by my site and pick up your award!